Knowledge Centric Networking: From Internet+ to AI+

  时 间:2018年6月5日(周二)上午10:30

  地 点:计算所748会议室

  报告人:Prof. Dapeng Oliver Wu, University of Florida

  摘要:In the creation of a smart future information society, Internet of Things (IoT) and Content Centric Networking (CCN) break two key barriers for both the front-end sensing and back-end networking. However, we still observe the missing piece of the research that dominates the current design, i.e., lacking of the knowledge penetrated into both sensing and networking to glue them holistically. In this talk, I will introduce and discuss a new networking paradigm, called Knowledge Centric Networking (KCN), as a promising solution. The key insight of KCN is to leverage emerging machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to create knowledge for networking system designs, and extract knowledge from collected data to facilitate enhanced system intelligence and interactivity, improved quality of service, communication with better controllability, and lower cost. This talk presents the KCN design rationale, the KCN benefits and also the potential research opportunities.

  报告人简介:Dapeng Oliver Wu received Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2003. Since 2003, he has been on the faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at University of Florida, where he is currently Professor. His research interests are in the areas of networking, communications, video coding, image processing, computer vision, signal processing, and machine learning. He received NSF CAREER award in 2007, the IEEE Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (CSVT) Transactions Best Paper Award for Year 2001, the Best Paper Award in GLOBECOM 2011, and the Best Paper Award in QShine 2006. Currently, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of IEEE TNSE, and Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. Comm., etc. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Advances in Multimedia between 2006 and 2008. He has served as Technical Program Committee (TPC) Chair for IEEE INFOCOM 2012. He is an IEEE Fellow.